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Online Course in Gastronomy Tourism Experience Design

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The world of tourism is just a click away

Discover the first online course for designing unique experiences in gastronomy tourism. The full English Course comprises high-quality content specifically designed for e-learning. It also provides the opportunity to participate in live masterclasses with experts in gastronomy tourism who share their experiences and expertise. During the course, the topics explored include the planning and development of culinary routes, the promotion of culinary destinations, and experience management. Upon completion, students will be prepared to design and lead unique experiences that captivate travelers and contribute to the success of the gastronomy and tourism industry.


  • Online
  • 100% in English
  • Academic period: March 10th - July 21st 2025
  • Live classes: every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (CEST) (except during vacation periods)
  • Limited spots
  • Certificate from the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences at the Basque Culinary Center
  • Questions and additional information:


  • To acquire a deep knowledge about gastronomy tourism, understanding its fundamentals, trends, and current challenges
  • To develop the skills to design and manage memorable gastronomy tourism experiences, addressing aspects such as route planning, the promotion of destinations, and the creation of memorable culinary experiences
  • To gain in-depth knowledge about the relationship between gastronomy, culture, and travel, exploring how culinary aspects influence travelers' choice of destination and satisfaction
  • To become familiar with the technological and digital tools required to promote and market gastronomy tourism products, including marketing strategies and social media management
  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainability in gastronomy tourism and the importance of promoting responsible practices that preserve culinary heritage and are environmentally friendly


We know that professional opportunities may vary depending on students' geographic location and individual preferences; however, upon completing this Course, students will be able to perform tasks and functions in the following positions and fields:

  • Gastronomy Tourism Advisor and Consultant
  • Tour Guide Specializing in Gastronomy
  • Employment in Wineries and Agri-Food Companies with a focus on tourism
  • Employment in Travel Agencies specializing in Gastronomy Tourism
  • Experience Management in Hotels and Hotel Chains
  • Gastronomic Communication at Communication Agencies
  • Research and Training in the field of Gastronomy Tourism
  • Participation in Gastronomic Markets and Events
  • Roles in Destination Promotion Management Entities
  • Creation and Administration of Gastronomy Tourism Products
  • Work in Museums, Centers, and Spaces related to Gastronomy


Dirigido a /Programa


This Course is for people with the following profiles:

  • Tourism professionals who want to specialize in gastronomy tourism, such as: tour guides, travel agents, managers of tourism activities/companies, tourism consultants, etc.
  • Gastronomy professionals interested in gastronomy tourism: personnel at hotels, restaurants, wineries, markets, food companies, etc.
  • Professionals from other disciplines who, because of their interest in tourism and gastronomy, are drawn to the Gastronomy Tourism sector: professionals in Marketing, Communication, Journalism, Economics, Business, Humanities, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the gastronomy tourism industry
  • Recent graduates in Tourism, Gastronomy, Hospitality, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, Economics, Business, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.

Language requirements:

  • The entire Course will be in English
  • If you don't identify with the information above and you're interested in the course, don't hesitate to contact us. The course coordination team will evaluate your experience and advise you.



  • Module 1: Introduction to Gastronomy Tourism
    • The global scenario for the tourism sector
    • The pairing of gastronomy and tourism
    • Gastronomy tourism: Conceptualization, development, and trends
    • The gastronomy tourism value chain in a tourist destination
    • Case studies of gastronomy tourism destinations and companies
  • Module 2: Strategic Planning in Gastronomy Tourism
    • Strategic Planning: Concept and need
    • Evaluation and planning tools
    • Designing Business Models, Products and Services, and Customer Experiences
    • Leadership Roles / Management
    • Strategic Planning vs. Strategic Marketing
  • Module 3: The Gastronomy Tourism Market: profiles and segments
    • Basic concepts on tourism demand and segmentation
    • Gastronomy tourist profiles. Leading studies on Gastronomy Tourism jobs in demand
    • The gastronomy tourist user experience
    • Methods and tools for understanding the gastronomy tourist
    • Service culture, in search of excellence
  • Module 4: Designing Gastronomy Tourism products and experiences
    • Concept of the tourist experience
    • Elements of a tourist experience
    • Types of Gastronomy Tourism experiences
    • Differentiation - specialization as a strategy
    • Step-by-step design of Gastronomy Tourism experiences
    • Case studies of outstanding experiences in Gastronomy Tourism
  • Module 5: Gastronomy Tourism Marketing
    • Tourism marketing fundamentals
    • Branding. Gastronomy as a branding and positioning tool
    • 360º Gastronomy tourism communication and promotion strategies: online and offline
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Customer Loyalty strategies
  • Module 6: Final Project
    • Creating a Gastronomy Tourism product or experience
    • Developing a Gastronomy Tourism destination strategy
    • Research in Gastronomy Tourism
    • Other ideas may also be accepted following evaluation by the course coordinator



  • Introduction to the platform (Module 0): at first, you'll have the chance to familiarize yourself with the course methodology and learning platform.
  • Academic period: March 10th - July 21st 2025
  • Approximate weekly study load: 12 hours
  • Closure of the virtual classroom: August 24th, 2025
  • Live Weekly Classes: Thursdays from 18:00 h to 19:30 h (CET)
    • Live classes will be recorded and can be viewed at your leisure. All course material will be available on the platform 24 hours a day for the duration of the course.


The Online Course is entirely in English and uses a learning by doing methodology, which is based on the idea that the best way to learn is through practical experience and direct action. Rather than focusing exclusively on theory and passive instruction, this methodology encourages students to acquire knowledge and skills by actively participating in hands-on activities and real projects. Additionally, the Course and content have been specifically designed for e-learning, allowing participants to access quality education from anywhere and at any time.

Profesores e invitados

Course Coordinator and Tutor

He has been named one of the 150 most influential people in tourism in Spain for three consecutive years. He has been working in tourism since 1995, having experience in different sectors such as destination promotion, hospitality, training, and consulting. He holds a degree in Tourism Activities from the University of Deusto, a degree in Tourism from Nebrija University, and a Master's in Tourism Management from Bournemouth University. He is a professor and director of various programs related to tourism and hospitality at different universities. As a consultant, he has worked on numerous projects in Europe and Latin America. Since 2005, he has been involved in the development of gastronomy tourism projects, is an auditor for Rutas del Vino de España since 2007, and is a regular speaker at forums and conferences on gastronomy tourism.


You will have masterclasses and live classes with experts in Gastronomy Tourism such as:

Iñaki Gaztelumendi

He has been working in the tourism sector for over 25 years. He was the Director of Tourism for Santiago de Compostela. He is the founder and director of the consulting firm Verne Tourism Experts. An associate professor of the gastronomy tourism programs at the Basque Culinary Center, he has been the technical director of the World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism UNWTO-Basque Culinary Center and is co-author of the Guide for the Development of Gastronomy Tourism created by the UNWTO and the Basque Culinary Center.

Eduardo Serrano

Hotel and Restaurant Business Director, MBA in Business Management, and specialized in Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking. He has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, consultant, researcher, and educator in the Leisure, Tourism, Hospitality, and Catering industries, both nationally and internationally. He is the President of Aidabe (Iberoamerican Association of Food and Beverage Directors and Executive Chefs).

Experiencias Alumni

June Yamaguchi

Culinary Guide

"I'm from Japan and I have been living in Donostia-San Sebastian for more than 20 years. I work in tourism and on fostering the relationship between Japan and the Basque Country, especially in terms of gastronomy. I wrote a book about gastronomy in the Basque Country and Navarre, and have collaborated with several other authors, including on the Basque Cuisine Encyclopedia. This course has really helped me deepen my knowledge and prepare me for the challenges that lie ahead in the gastronomy tourism sector."

Laura Segade
Tourist Guide

"I'm a guide with a tour company specializing in the Camino de Santiago and cultural and nature tourism. In this course, I have improved my skills in a tourism segment that's on the rise and has infinite possibilities. Sharing this experience with colleagues from all over the world and from different sectors has been truly enriching."


Lanzada Calatayud Álvarez

Tourism Consultant

"Both the content, delivered through an attractive methodology, and the variety of speakers, many of them entrepreneurs or recognized experts in tourism, provided a solid balance. Likewise, the magnificent coordination of the course, in terms of its professionalism, dedication, and availability, ensured that this training was an excellent experience. I learned, researched, and shared, and thanks to the course, I'm now immersed in the field of gastronomy tourism. I currently work as a tourism consultant and, undoubtedly, this has everything to do with the course, Designing Gastronomy Tourism Experiences."

Matrícula y forma de pago

The total cost of the course is €2,450, paid as follows:

  • Registration Fee: €150
  • 40% of the total, i.e. €920, is due upon confirmation of admission to reserve the spot
  • The remainder, €1,380, is due before the course begins

The price includes:

  • Access to the learning platform
  • Downloadable academic material
  • Live, weekly classes with active experts
  • Tutoring
  • Certificate issued by the Basque Culinary Center

Refund and cancellation policy:

See detailed information about our refund and cancellation policy.

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