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Candidates hoping to be accepted into the doctorate programme must register using the website's online form during the period indicated below, depending on whether they wish to begin doctorate studies in September or January:
Regular period: 15 April to 15 May
Additional period: 15 June to 30 November

Student registration must be accompanied by the following documentation:

Students that have previously completed studies at European Higher Education Area (EHEA) universities:

    ID document

    Official academic certification in studies providing acceptance

    Certified photocopy of the degree providing acceptance into the doctorate studies programme, or a photocopy of the request receipt.


    English accreditation and, if Spanish is not a native language, Spanish accreditation

    Cover letter

    Thesis project (maximum two pages)

Students that have previously completed university studies outside the EHEA.

    The same documentation as that required of students with EHEA studies, as well as:

    Certification that the prior degree provides the bearer acceptance into doctorate studies programmes in the country from which it is issued.


Two enrolment periods are established in function of whether the doctorate programme begins in September or January:
Regular period: 1 July to 15 July
Additional period: 1 December to 15 December.

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€4,000 - with a 50% discount for theses that are completed in associated technology centres
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