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Food Tourism

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Delve into the world of food tourism! Study contemporary examples and improve your outlook with this professional course.

This specialist course is the perfect introduction to the food tourism sector, an area of the tourism industry full of great challenges and opportunities in the coming years. 



Aimed at /Programme

This programme is aimed at anyone interested in food tourism:

Tourism professionals looking to specialise and to advance their career: tourism graduates, guides, travel agents, tourism companies, etc.

Food sector professionals who want to learn more about the food tourism sector: staff in hotels, restaurants, bodegas, the food industry, etc.

Professionals from other sectors who love tourism and food and want to learn about food tourism: graduates in marketing, communication, journalism, economics, business, geography, etc.

Some of the sessions will be in English, so a minimum level B2 (upper intermediate level) will be valued.

The course comprises the following modules::

Module Name Hours
M01 Introduction to food tourism 37,5
M02 Strategic planning in food tourism 37,5
M03 The food tourism market: profiles and segments 37,5
M04 Design of food tourism products and experiences 37,5
M05 Food tourism marketing 37,5

Synthesis work: Creating a food tourism product or experience



Degree from the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences, Basque Culinary Center. 

You can obtain the course dossier with extended information by making a request using the Information Request form.


   COURSE DURATION: 225 hours

    WEEKLY TUITION: 12 hours

    LIVE SESSIONS: Thursday afternoons, 18h - 19.30 in CET schedule

Module Zero is only completed once in order to become familiar with the course methodology and the learning platform.

** Live classes will be recorded so you can view them whenever you want. All the teaching material requiered will be available 24 hours a day.


At the Basque Culinary Center, we are committed to a learning methodology based on learning by doing through which you will be able to put the concepts learned during the course into practice.

The program and contents have been designed 100% for online training and include the following learning components: 

Teachers and guests

The contents of this course have been designed by professionals with extensive experience and teaching ability.

   Teachers from the culinary and scientific areas of the Basque Culinary Center will guide your learning.

   You will be assigned a course tutor who will guide you and give you feedback on your practicals.

   Each week, you will attend masterclasses and live classes with expert guest teachers from the Basque Culinary Center.

Learn with the best!




Enrolment and payment methods

The total cost of the course is € 2,350. 

The form of payment will be as follows:

   150€ for the application submission. 

    40% of the amount, that is, 880€, upon being assigned a place on the course.

    The rest of the amount, 1.320€, before the course starting date.

Price includes:

   Access to the training environment.

   Training introduction on the learning platform.

   Technical support 24 hours/365 days.

   All the learning material required for proper follow-up of the training.  

   Admission to Alumni after passing the course.


Registration open until end of places. Limited places. 




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