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Investigation: Entrepreneurship

The industry of gastronomy, restaurants and the agro-food sector are areas of great scope in generating new business at a national and international level.  Changes in eating habits which in turn are the result of changes in lifestyle, the diversity of needs to which food and gastronomy responds, health as a social priority in the coming years, gastronomic tourism as an increasing trend in tourism worldwide, the possibilities offered by technology, the increase in the provision of services  in the sector. etc. They offer innumerable opportunities to generate new business projects.

Given the driving force objective of the Basque Culinary Center, the promotion of new business and the entrepreneurial spirit, one of the strategic activities of the Center is consolidated.

Culinary Action! is the initiative of the Basque Culinary Center to promote entrepreneurship and the generation of new business linked to gastronomy and agro-food generating a positive impact both locally and globally. 


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