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Basque Culinary Center not only offers an extensive Education Offer or research or innovation activity, but it also continuously launches new projects, many of them in cooperation, developing the potential that gastronomy has. Some of these projects are:
Wine Day

A networking event aimed to foster inspiration on the topic of wine. 

Startup Weekend San Sebastian Gastronomy

Are you passionate about gastronomy? Experience three intense days
during which you’ll discover ways of transforming gastronomy and
bringing it into the future.
The San Sebastian Gastronomy Startup Weekend is the ideal place for finding
a team, creating a prototype, proving a business idea and receiving feedback
from judges and mentors, all within 54 incredible hours.

International Gastronomic Forum Alimentarte

The International Gastronomic Forum Alimentarte is the main culinary event in Colombia. Fundación Corazón Verde and Basque Culinary Center have joined forces to create an innovative event that aims to exchange ideas and learnings regarding the best of local and international gastronomy.

5th World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism in San Sebastian

5th World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism in San Sebastian: Congress that aims to encourage entrepreneurship and to explore the challenges faced by the sector.

Haragi - Meat and Grill International Meeting

An event aimed towards students and professionals of the meat and grill sector, which has the goal of showcasing and introducing new projects in the meat world and creating joint synergies. It will focus on: product, technique, animal welfare and the future. 

Think Gastronomy: Congress that delves into technology, innovation and gastronomy accompanied by an interdisciplinary group of experts.

Think Gastronomy: Congress that delves into technology, innovation and gastronomy accompanied by an interdisciplinary group of experts.


Front of Desk Trends and Innovation Congress

Project GastronomÝa

A multidisciplinary initiative, led by the Basque Culinary Center, created with the aim of exploring the future of gastronomy and to determine its impact on the most important challenges of the food system.

Basque Culinary World Prize

An award organised and promoted by the Basque Government, for trailblazing chefs whose work has had a transformative impact “beyond the kitchen”

Premio BCC-EROSKI Saria

BCC Eroski Saria, an award to gastronomic innovation using local produce

Bculinary LAB

Bculinary Lab se presenta como un Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo Gastronómico con lineas de trabajo propias y englobadas bajo el marco de BCC INNOVATION -Centro de Investigación e Innovación de Basque Culinary Center-.

Dialogos de Cocina

Two yearly International Congress that expects to build new multidisciplinary knowledge connections. Organized with Mugaritz and Eurotoques.

Brainy Tongue

Brainy Tongue, una iniciativa de colaboración entre científicos y cocineros promovida por Mugaritz, el Centro de Regulación Genómica (CRG) y Basque Culinary Center, que busca adentrarse en los misterios que rigen la percepción y la sensorialidad 

Culinary Action

Creation and development of entrepreneurship in the agrofood and gastronomic sector 

Culinary Interaction

Basque Culinary Center lanza la iniciativa Culinary Interaction para promover proyectos que desarrollan la interdisciplinariedad en la cocina

BCC Wine & Spirits

BCCWine es una iniciativa que recoge las diferentes actividades del Basque Culinary Center relacionadas con el mundo del vino y los espirituosos.

Nuestro objetivo es reunir en un espacio común las actividades de formación, proyectos de investigación y eventos que Basque CUlinary Center realiza: Máster en Sumillería y Marketing del Vino, servicio en sala, desarrollo de Masterclasses, cursos para profesionales y las actividades de formación relacionadas con el mundo del vino en el Grado. También noticias relacionadas con el sector.

The restaurant in the digital era

Experts in communication technologies and in the catering sector met in the Basque Culinary Center to analyse the technological trends that are rapidly revolutionising the user experience in the catering sector.

Culinary Zinema

The official section of the San Sebastian Film festival uniting films and gastronomy

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