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Investigation: Presentación

BCC Innovation is the interdisciplinary center of research and innovation of the Basque Culinary Center whose mission statement is to develop the innovation potential of gastronomy and restaurant industry.

To do this we undertake applied research and innovation projects, and we promote new businesses and entrepreneurship, in the gastronomy and restaurant industry.  At the same time we transfer the results of these scientific and technological projects to society as a whole and industry in particular, generating socio-economic value.

We establish relations with companies, customers, suppliers, public administrations and technological partners, both in Spain and abroad, strengthening networking.

The AIMS of the center are:

  • To develop and apply knowledge
  • To promote cross-fertilization between different lines of research, and between these and the other innovation activities within the framework of the BCC Innovation.
  • To actively promote new businesses and entrepreneurship in the gastronomic and restaurant industry.
  • To maintain a Technological Strategy Plan which enables sustainable and long-lasting growth of the Center.
    • To support business and public innovation.
    • To link the university with business
    • To promote social innovation and entrepreneurship
    • To attract national and international business capital 


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