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Kitchen Dialogues turns gastronomy in 2019 upside down

25 January 2019

The seventh edition of Kitchen Dialogues will take place in San Sebastian on March 11th and 12thas an invitation to eat our brains out at a special event conceived to unveil whats lies behind every bite: territory, memory, identity, technology, environment, science and, of course, culture. 

Euro-Toques, Mugaritz and the Basque Culinary Center will celebrate gastronomy by fostering collaboration through a diverse program of activities. Experts in science, philosophy, sociology, literature and creativity from around the world will gather to tackle gastronomy from different disciplines, by spending two days designed for sharing and exchange – both of which tend to incite transgressive thinking and action.

Leading figures in gastronomy will participate in Kitchen Dialogues, as the Slow Food founder, Carlo Petrini, one of today’s most daring personas and the ideologist behind this movement that has transformed gastronomy since it began 30 years ago. Other participants include journalist and "frustrated philologist" Mikel López Iturriaga who promotes and coordinates the unorthodox editorial 'El Comidista' in El País; Brazilian activist Bela Gil who advocates for healthy food as a form of self-care and compassion for the environment; and psychoanalyst and writer Mariela Michelena, author of bestselling books such as Badly Loved Women and an expert in charged topics such as romantic relationships in the age of Google.

The program boasts influential chefs such as Enrique Olvera, head chef of Pujol (Mexico), who has reinterpreted and advanced traditional Mexican cuisine; Tomas Kalika, behind the Jewish cuisine of Mishiguene (Argentina); Thomas Troisgros, of Michelin-starred Olympe (Brazil), part of a long family line of that has made significant gastronomic contributions; and Renzo Garibaldi (Peru), the butcher at Osso who advocates for a different approach to the carnivorous side of gastronomy. Renown Spanish chefs will also be part of Kitchen Dialogues such as Diego Guerrero, who at DSTAgE believes that true luxury lies in closeness, in the small things, exempt from restraints and clichés; and Begoña Rodrigo, winner of Spain’s first edition of Top Chef, and who has found success beyond mass media with talented and disruptive projects such as La Salita in Valencia and Nómada.

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