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The Basque Country in the World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism of Bangkok

28 May 2018

The Basque Country and its gastronomy will take centre stage at the World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism, which will be held in Bangkok between 30 May and 1 June. The Basque institutions and professionals from the Basque Culinary Center will participate in different presentations and round tables and will offer the attendees a dinner of Basque cuisine, prepared by the chefs Rubén Trincado (Mirador de Ulia, 1 Michelin star), Álvaro Garrido (Mina Restaurant, 1 Michelin star) and Ángel Fernández de Retana (Basque Culinary Center).

The Basque Culinary Center co-organises the World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The forum was created with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences between experts in tourism and gastronomy in order to identify good practices and promote professionalisation in this area. And in recent years, gastronomy has become an essential part of getting to know about the culture and way of life of a travel destination.

As Joxe Mari Aizega, director of the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) explains, “After two successful forums, one in San Sebastian and one in Lima (Peru), it is really stimulating to organise the World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism in Thailand and in this way also address the phenomenon of food tourism in Asia.” He continued: “It is a phenomenon that is present in practically all the tourism promotion strategies of travel destinations and is one of the assets that attracts a growing number of people who travel to sample the cuisine of a particular destination.”

It is expected that this, the fourth forum, will be attended by 1,000 people, and its main themes will be technology and local tourism, with the title: “Taking advantage of the power of technology and local tourism to promote the creation of a positive global impact”. It will address topics such as: “The agents of gastronomic tourism in the digital age”, a round table discussion which will involve the participation of Amaia López de Heredia, coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Food Tourism at the Basque Culinary Center; “The economic and social impact of gastronomic tourism”, with the participation of Iñaki Gaztelumendi; and “Gastronomic tourism and technology: product design, marketing and customer relations”, with Damiá Serrano who, along with Iñaki Gaztelumendi, is a professor at the Basque Culinary Center.

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