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Modular courses for the professional wishing to acquire new knowledge and with a 100% applicable approach.



The Basque Culinary Center online courses are aimed at professionals in the gastronomic sector, with a very practical approach.

They are motivational, involving challenges and activities and offer a high degree of direct applicability on a day-to-day basis, which invite reflection and understanding and are aimed towards sharing knowledge.

The bases of our online training are the same as in on-site training:

    The student in the learning centre

    Training for developing skills

    Learning and doing' methodology



The Basque Culinary Center courses offer the following resources and learning dynamics:

  High-quality, interdisciplinary and contemporary content. Designed specifically for professionals like you, for ongoing learning and 100% applicability to your daily work.

  Audio-visual resources that clearly show the steps to be taken, and which explain in detail the techniques and behaviour of cutting-edge products.    

Masterclasses and Showcookings by expert teachers and authorities in each subject that you can watch as many times as you want.  

  Live classes once a week with BCC teachers and guests to discuss and take a close look at the contents of the Masterclasses and Showcookings.  They will be recorded in order to provide you with convenient access.  

 • Various activities and challenges: interactive exercises, tests, deliveries, forums, etc. Important emphasis on the making of recipes and video recordings of techniques or presentations by each student.  

   A tutor who encourages, motivates and gives personalized feedback on activities and practicals so that you get the best result. Your ally in the entire learning process.  

  Colleagues in a professional environment with whom you can debate, contribute ideas, share knowledge, be inspired... In short, gastronomic networking!

  Learning plan that guarantees the achievement of the course objectives and your success. Each week, we will guide you by structuring the resources and activities to be addressed.

  Continuous assessment system: no exam or final tests. The course is completed by carrying out the activities listed in the learning plan.


The requirements to study online at the Basque Culinary Center are:

Tipo Requisito
Facilities and material Kitchen (ideally professional)
List of course tools and products
Technical Mobile or tablet with word processor and spreadsheets, updated browser and 3G mini Internet connection. 
Computer with word processor and spreadsheets, updated browser and broadband Internet connection.
Tripod for recording (recommended)
Skills Digital skills
Learning-management skills



Are online courses from the Basque Culinary Center 100% online? 

Yes, if you take an online course, you will not have to travel at all to the Basque Culinary Center Study Centre. The whole process, from registration to evaluation and certification, can be done online.

Can I complete a specialization by doing modular courses?

By completing all the modular courses of a specialization course, including the project, you can complete the itinerary and obtain the certification. The maximum time interval in which all the modules must be completed in order to receive the specialisation certificate is three years.

The advantages of completing the specialisation course directly are that you will have a place on all the modular courses and that the course will be 25% cheaper.

How many editions of the courses are there per year?

There are two editions of each course per year: one starting in February-March and another starting in September-October.

How do I register?

By completing the online registration form, available on the website for each course. The online registration form takes you to a registration and purchase system - we will guide you through this step by step.

What are the purchase conditions and the return policy?

During the registration process, you will be informed about the economic policy of the Basque Culinary Center courses and masters qualifications. All the conditions for online courses are also set out in this documentation. Likewise, before the start of the course the student will be sent the academic guidelines containing the rules that apply to the online courses.

Is the course technology very complicated?

The list of technological requirements has been published and as you can see there are very few. Because that's our technology: simple.

Our platform has a powerful video tool in order for everything to be done intuitively and easily. Very straightforward!

Can I do the course from any website?

You can access course contents from your computer, tablet and mobile phone through an APP. We recommend the use of your computer to carry out the activities.

You can learn therefore at home, work or on public transport. Wherever you have access to a device and the Internet!

Will I be able to do the course at any time?

The courses have a learning plan with a structured calendar, and submissions are weekly. Therefore, you can plan to view the resources and do the activities whenever you want within that week. The exception is the live class, which is delivered at a certain time. However, it is recorded, so you can see it whenever you want.

What happens if I cannot get material or a product from the course list?

Firstly, in the courses, you are always provided with a list of products to choose from. Secondly, you can see that in the list of course products and tools, there are always three classes: Essential, Recommended and Plus. The more you have, the better, but the course can also be done without many items.

What is module 0?

Module 0 is a module for learning the platform and the methodology of the course, and it is mandatory for those students who are taking a BCC online course for the first time. A week before the start of the course, access is given to the platform and module 0 is delivered. The purpose of this is to ensure you have a good chance of passing the course.

Do the courses have a lot of theory?

The explanatory part based on texts and photographs is relevant in the course and is designed to help each student decides the level to which they wish to go in each content. Various practical activities are completed. Most of them have a greater weighting than the theoretical content in order to make learning an enjoyable and fun experience.

What does the practice part consist of?

Essentially, it consists of students creating techniques and recording them, cooking dishes and photographing them, imagining and creating their own recipes and presenting dishes in videos. This is all done in a simple way and with swift interactive feedback from the tutor, helping you to improve.

How is it assessed?

In modular courses (or modules), assessment takes place continuously by correcting the submission of learning plan activities. The assessment of the different activities is weighted and the mark is taken directly from the result of the application of the weighting. You can monitor your progress through your platform account.

In the specialization course, the final mark is obtained from the mark for the different course modules, including the Synthesis Project module. To calculate the weight of the different modules, the number of teaching hours of each of them is taken into consideration.

What happens if I am unable to submit the activities within the expected period?

The Basque Culinary Center’s Online Courses have a weekly activity plan; therefore, every week the student must submit the scheduled activities. If on a given week the student cannot submit one or several activities, they can do so within a final deadline that is the last submission scheduled for that course. Submissions made after the initial scheduled date will entail a penalty on the final result.

Activities such as participation in forums and other group activities do not allow for delays as they interfere with the class dynamic.

What format is the certificate in?

When the course is completed a Basque Culinary Center certificate is issued in digital format that has the same validity as a printed certificate.

What is the tutor's role in the course?

The tutor is a teacher from Basque Culinary Center who knows the programme perfectly, coordinates the expert and guest teachers and accompanies you throughout the process. You can send any suggestion, doubt or content query to your tutor and you will receive a prompt reply. The tutor is your ally!

What happens if I need help in non-working hours?

From the Campus, you have a permanent technical support service, open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. You can send your technical inquiries about the platform to it. The open channels are: a live chat, telephone (free from Spain) and sending a ticket. They will respond immediately!

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