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The Basque Culinary Center brings together gastronomy experts, innovative companies and startups for the 6th Culinary Action! International Forum

16 January 2019

On February 4th and 5th, the Basque Culinary Center will host the 6th Culinary Action! International Entrepreneurs Forum. Over the course of these two days, around thirty experts, innovative companies, and startups with cutting-edge products will meet in San Sebastian for one of the largest entrepreneurial and food events in Spain. The question they will attempt to answer is this: Where does innovation lie in the gastronomy sector?

The Forum brings together chefs, research centres, companies, startups and professionals to discuss their experiences and viewpoints around innovation and gastronomy. 

The key strands of the 2019 event —which will feature individual presentations and round tables— are innovation, new products development, adapting catering services (both small and large restaurants) to the digital world, the relationship between technological progress and the authenticity of a good product, waste reuse, the sustainability of the gastronomy ecosystem, and entrepreneurs’ real experiences.

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