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Aquanaria and Basque Culinary Center have reached an agreement with innovation and training as its main axes

04 February 2021

Basque Culinary Center and Aquanaria have signed a 4-year collaboration agreement which focuses on developing strategic projects in innovation in the area of sensory analysis and supporting the training of undergraduate students at the Faculty of. Gastronomic Sciences. The agreement was signed by the General Director of Basque Culinary Center, Joxe Mari Aizega, and the Managing Director of Aquanaria, Eva Vázquez.

Aquanaria is a pioneering company in the Spanish marine aquaculture sector that is exclusively dedicated to the breeding of large seabass. It is located in the Canary Islands, a paradise of marine biodiversity, where the ideal conditions are met to obtain a product with excellent gastronomic conditions.

Through the signing of this agreement, Aquanaria aims to advance in the positioning of its product amongst its restaurant clients both domestically and abroad. Likewise, Basque Culinary Center is adding a leading company to its ecosystem of collaborators – a company with which it shares values such as innovation andsustainability.

Joint projects

Over the next year, Aquanaria and Basque Culinary Center will work together on innovation and training projects for undergraduate students. The innovation projects will be managed through the BCC Innovation technology centre, and they will consist of training and consulting in sensory analysis, aiming to delve deeper into product knowledge and to be able to train staff in this area. WorK will also be undertaken on projects that analyse and highlight, from a culinary point of view, the characteristics that set the Atlantic seabass apart in order to provide information and train clients, collaborators, consumers, gastronomic associations, and technical certifiers on the breeding, cooking, etc. of the seabass – all with the company's knowledge in mind.

Training in sustainability will be another of the central axes of the agreement between Basque Culinary Center and Aquanaria. The Canarian company will actively participate in training the students at the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences through master classes on sustainable aquaculture.

In addition, in order to evidence the commitment of Aquanaria to the education and training of future chefs, the “Aquanaria Challenge” is planned to be launched, which will give the students of Basque Culinary Center the opportunity to present disheswhich feature the seabass as their protagonist. The winner of this culinary contest will obtain a scholarship.

Lastly, the cooperation of both institutions also includes Aquanaria's participation as a
sponsor of initiatives like the Sustainability Conference organised by Basque Culinary

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