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COVID-19 Measures Basque Culinary Center

We at Basque Culinary Center are prepared for our students to resume their face-to-face classes in a safe environment. We have adapted our facilities and formed teams to continue offering a transformative, innovative, and safe learning experience.

The food industry needs your talent – now more than ever. 



Regardless of the context in which we find ourselves at present, Basque Culinary Center never stops. We have developed our methodology and educational model to ensure that, no matter what the current circumstances are, our students can continue with their learning experience without losing even a second of instruction. 

  • An advanced educational model that includes the most advanced methodologies, is up to date, and is suited to the twenty-first century – based on practical, experiential learning (learning by doing). Our model stands out because of the transdisciplinary nature of our learning activities, learning in small groups, and a combination of formal, non-formal, and informal learning. 
  • The student is at the center of the entire learning process so that acquiring competencies is not limited to just professional skills but also personal ones.
  • Our main focus for training will continue to be on-site activities at our campus. We will complement our classroom training with online training to complete the educational experience, personalize learning, and make ongoing training possible regardless of the context.
  • In order to ensure that students can continue their training in the event they have to go into quarantine, classes can be followed online and, additionally, training will be reinforced with booster sessions for any cases that so require. The entire academic process is being reviewed to adapt to the new normal. 
  • The academic team at Basque Culinary Center has defined scenarios for action to face the different circumstances that may arise throughout the academic year. These actions vary depending on the program in which the student is enrolled and the time at which they may occur. Faced with a situation like the one experienced this academic year, we can guarantee the student community that we are prepared for our pupils to continue their learning while upholding the essential elements of the Basque Culinary Center's educational model.



Our facilities and people are ready for this new chapter. Our priority is the safety and health of all who study and work at Basque Culinary Center. We have put into place strict protocols to avoid any risk of infection on our campus. 

In order to ensure that Basque Culinary Center is a safe place:

  • Basque Culinary Center has assumed its role as a leader and designed different safety and hygiene protocols for BCC students and staff. Amongst the measures to be highlighted:
    • Review of maximum capacity of the different spaces and common areas: classrooms, kitchens, workshops, cafeteria, library, auditorium, etc.
    • More space and new spaces to undertake the different learning activities.
    • Signage and communication aspects that continuously remind of the preventative measures and the importance to respect them.
    • Redefining of points of access and the movement of people through Basque Culinary Center facilities to reduce traffic therein. 
  • All students will complete two specifically designed training activities for hospitality companies and they will receive a specific certificate to prove their knowledge in these matters:
    • Food hygiene and safety against COVID-19 in hospitality companies. 
    • How to adapt hospitality companies' processes to COVID-19.
  • Basque Culinary Center has developed, alongside Euro-Toques, the “Special COVID-19 Protocol for Prevention and Safety in Hospitality Services” -- a framework document that sets the measures that must be respected by restaurants to eliminate COVID-19 risks. To this end, said approach is respected in our cafeteria and other dining spaces. Link to Protocol.
  • All students will be given specific PPE for their safety. Basque Culinary Center already has a supply of more than 60,000 masks to guarantee that there are enough from now to the end of the year for the students, teachers, and support staff.
  • Installation of hand sanitizer stations in all classrooms, workshops, and common areas.
  • Disinfection of facilities, rooms, and materials once training sessions have finished or students have rotated. Special attention to the cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection protocols for the facilities and special attention paid to cleaning all the building's common areas. 
  • In order to ensure a personal level of attention and the safety of our students:
    • Undertaking of periodic monitoring tests on teachers and support staff.
    • Free medical guidance service via telephone or video call --24 hours a day, 7 days a week-- for all our students to be able to ask questions to a doctor and get health advice.  
  • The different lodging options recommended by Basque Culinary Center go through strict cleaning and hygiene processes so as to guarantee their safety for our students. 


  • Relaxation of the refund and cancellation policy for the 2020/2021 academic year. The commitment of Basque Culinary Center is to ensure the well-being and learning of our present and future students. Amongst the different measures that we have taken, we have relaxed the refund and cancellation policy.
  • Flexibility of payments through installments (monthly for undergraduate degrees, and periodically in master's degrees).
  • Special financial measures. Financing of tuition fees. Basque Culinary Center has agreements with different financial institutions so that you can finance your undergraduate and master studies and delay returning amounts until entering the job market.
  • Institutional scholarship program. Basque Culinary Center has its own institutional scholarship program for undergraduate students of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. Take a look at the information.
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