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Local and international grill chefs will meet at Haragi, the 1st Meat and Grill International Meeting in Tolosa

13 April 2018

Haragi is the 1st Meat and Grill International Meeting. An international gathering that will be held between 27 and 29 April and which will combine events, talks and public meals in the squares and streets in the centre of Tolosa, and a symposium aimed at meat and grill professionals, which will be held on Friday 27 April at the Basque Culinary Center.

This first edition of Haragi will include the participation of local, national and international grill chefs. Featuring among them is the Argentine resident in Mexico, Dante Ferrero, also known as “the cow chef” who will be in Tolosa with his impressive “cow show”, which consists of roasting a whole cow weighing approximately 300 kg during 24 hours. A cultural ritual that can be seen and tasted during the weekend in the Plaza Euskal Herria in Tolosa.

Also participating will be international references in meat and grilling from countries such as Brazil and Argentina, who along with the national grill chefs and the steak houses from Tolosa (Burruntzi, Casa Julián, Casa Nicolás and Asador Botari) will fill the city centre with the aromas and flavours of grilled meat, in a popular fair that also seeks to provide visibility to the profession, local products and the grilling tradition of the Basque Country.

The event is an initiative by Tolosa Town Council, Basque Culinary Center and HAZI-Vice-department of Agriculture, Fishery and Food Policy of the Basque Government, which following the trail opened by the Tolosa T-bone Steak Festival, seeks to combine tradition, local products, international trends and education.

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