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The Basque Culinary Center and TechFood Consult publish a study that identifies the challenges of digital transformation in the hospitality sector

20 November 2018

Digitalisation and technology are transforming all sectors of the economy, and catering is no stranger to this phenomenon. With this in mind, the Basque Culinary Center and TechFood Consult have produced the “Hospitality Sector Digitalisation Study. Perceptions and attitudes towards digital transformation. Innovation and Investment Agenda 2018”.

The study, which highlights the fact that 83% of the participants consider technology to be important for their business, has a twin objective: first, to capture a current snapshot of the impact of digitalisation in the catering industry and, second, to establish a vision of the future.

The fact is that digitalisation is changing all of the processes involved in catering and gastronomy, both those that are internal and those that involve the relationship with customers. The way that food is supplied, processed and stored, the managing of accounts, business profitability, decision-making and the creating of innovative and attractive experiences for diners are now all linked to technology-based tools.

Owners, managers and restaurateurs in different types of catering business – from full-service restaurants to fast-food restaurants, and both individual restaurants and independent groups and franchises – have participated in this study.

It should also be noted that this detailed study produced by the Basque Culinary Center and TechFood Consult has had the collaboration of Marcas de Restauración, HIP (Horeca Professional Expo) and Diego Coquillat.

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