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Investigation: Research

Research activity is focused on carrying out innovation and technological development projects in the field of gastronomic and culinary innovation with the creation of new products and services. These projects include objectives and lines of action, in the short and medium term, that facilitate improvements in the competitiveness and productivity of enterprises, the recognition of the professional qualification of workers, cooperation with universities, working in common with companies to activate joint research projects, taking advantage of the transfer of knowledge and innovate in new products and services.

Healthy Life Styles
Sensoriality and Behaviour of the Consumers
New Gastronomic Developments
Design and Technology in the Gastronomic and Restaurant Industry

The aims of this line of research are:

  • To study the links between different life styles - particularly eating habits and behaviour, and health.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles and eating behaviour, and social innovation for a healthier and more active life.
  • To generate technological developments, equipment, products and services to promote healthy eating.

The specific focus of this line is the following: to study behaviour determinants linked to eating, which might promote good health, to identify new strategies to promote health through food.

To do this we propose going beyond the definition of a healthy diet than the strictly nutritional view.  We aim to give the act of cooking and eating (for example) more importance:

  • enhancing the act of preparing food
  • promoting the fact of mindful eating
  • studying the internal sensations of hunger and fullness
  • studying how food choices are made
  • giving importance to the presentation and serving dishes
  • promoting social innovation
  • promoting social eating (family meals) and social cooking
  • analysing longitudinal data to evaluate the effect in the long term of eating behaviour on health
  • promoting education (nutritional + sensory) throughout life
  • studying the links between food quality and health (ecological food and health, for example). 

Comparative sensory analysis of the market; generation of response-specific stimuli; the effect of environment on sensory perception; cross-sensitive areas, food and wine pairing.

This line of research is aimed at developing new products and services.

This line of research will give us the knowledge to do it in the following areas:

  • Sensory analysis
  • Perception while eating.  Analysis of sensory stimuli of neural pathways.
  • Analysis of what is attractive, compulsive consumption.
  • Analysis and experimentation of sensory perception of the consumer when designing new products and services
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Explanation of the effect of taste and visual stimuli.
  • Research into the effect of colour and name on the perception of food.
  • Perception of the user on the usability of new functions of cooking and electrical appliances. 

Research into new systems of food presentation, new preparation and conservation techniques in the restaurant business.

This line of research is aimed at developing new products and services.

Lines identified:

  • New culinary preparations, including organoleptic and visual improvements and new products.
  • Prepared dishes (architecture of the dish).
  • Development of new textures and the influence of food-wine matching in the design of new elaborations.
  • Substituting ingredients (gluten or saturated oils) in new recipes
  • Gastronomic development of new varieties of product and even recovery of local product varieties

Here work will be done on the design or the technology applied in the gastronomic and restaurant industry.

Lines identified

  • New equipment and culinary materials
  • New methods of food protection and presentation
  • ICTs in hotel and restaurant industry
  • Design of new materials for gastronomy
  • Introduction of new and improved products in national and international gastronomic markets
  • Introduce new or improved services
  • Design of experiences
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