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In this course you will learn about the different applications of cryo-cooking techniques, to be capable of adapting them to a variety of gastronomic preparations and proposals.




Aimed at /Programme

This course is aimed at professionals from the sector who wish to expand their knowledge, specialise and distinguish themselves applying techniques such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice and others.

It is better to have professional experience in the cooking area. 

The course training programme covers the following aspects:

  1. Introduction to cryo-cooking.

  2. The use of liquid nitrogen in avant-garde cuisine.  

    • Storage, features and forms of use of liquid nitrogen.

    • Applications with liquid nitrogen: poaching, atomising, fragmenting and others.

  3. Contemporary culinary techniques with dry ice:

    • Scented vapour

    • Foods carbonated with dry ice

  4. The use of frozen food processors today:  

    • Ice-cream

    • Frozen dust

  5. Moulds and negative blast chilling.

    • Features and forms of use of machinery for shaping: freezer and blast chiller

    • Types of applications: ice creams and supercooling

In addition, during the course, students will put into practice what they have learned by applying the different techniques through various activities. An excellent opportunity to produce new and creative dishes that can be applied to the real menu of a restaurant.

You will acquire the deep knowledge that will allow you to understand what occurs in each culinary process and its conversion into a real dish.

Itinerary: This modular course is part of the itinerary of the specialization course in Avant-garde Culinary Techniques. You can add to this itinerary by completing the respective modular courses. 



 •   TOTAL COURSE DURATION: 2022/12/07- 2023/01/09 

 •   WEEKLY TUITION: 10 hours  

 •   LIVE SESSIONS: Thursday afternoons in CMT Madrid schedule**.

* Module Zero is only completed once in order to become familiar with the course methodology and the learning platform.

** Live classes will be recorded so you can view them whenever you want.



At the Basque Culinary Center, we are committed to a learning methodology based on learning by doing through which you will be able to put the concepts learned during the course into practice.

The program and contents have been designed 100% for online training and include the following learning components: 

Find out more about our course methodology at Find out more/Methodology

Teachers and guests

The contents of this course have been designed by professionals with extensive experience and teaching ability.

•  Teachers from the culinary and scientific areas of the Basque Culinary Center will guide your learning.

•  You will be assigned a course tutor who will guide you and give you feedback on your practicals.

•  Each week, you will attend showcookings and live classes with expert guest teachers from the Basque Culinary Center.

Learn with the best!


Enrolment and payment methods

The course costs 350 €, which is paid in full when registering online. 

Price includes:

 •  Access to the training environment.

 •  Training introduction on the learning platform.

 •  Technical support 24 hours/365 days.

 •  All the learning material required for proper follow-up of the training.  

Price does not include:

 •  Machinery, kitchen tools or products for making the dishes.

Registration open until end of places. Limited places. 



For the correct monitoring and compliance of the online course, each student should have:

 •   The required qualifications to study online at the Basque Culinary Center. Check these at Find out more/Essentials

 •   The specific products and equipment required to complete this course.


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